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MROP Application 2021

Stage 1

To begin, please download this APPLICATION FORM which helps you and us to reflect on your readiness for the Rites.

You need to complete this form first and return to this process when you are ready to continue with submitting your application.

Please do not rush the process of completing your form. Regard it as an integral part of preparing yourself for the Rites. We will ask you if we need more information from you.

(The form is a Microsoft Word document so please contact us if you need the application form in another format.)


Stage 2

Please upload your completed APPLICATION FORM using the next function, and complete the rest of his page.
Upload your completed APPLICATION FORM here(*)
You need to have completed your application form and upload it when you register for the MROP
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Please tell us any dietary, health or other needs that you want us to be aware of?(*)
Please let us know about any health or diet issues you may have. Otherwise please answer'no'
How did you find out about the MROP?
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Data Protection: All the information that you provide here is held in confidence by us. Our assessors will review your application to determine your readiness for the Rites. The rites elder team may use the information to support you before, during and after the rites. All the data is then destroyed shortly after the rites are completed. Your name and email address only are added to our newsletter mailing list, which you can opt out of at any time.

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