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Moot 2017

From October 13, 2017 18:00 until October 15, 2017 14:00

Our Annual Gathering for all Initiated Men.  

“Growing the trees and the forest: canopy, roots, and mycelium.
Light and dark, and what connects us."

Weaving together forms, intentions and behaviours indoors and in nature, we’ll explore what takes us deeper as men, share the collective ways and wisdom of our local groups, and take a look at ourselves as an organisation, what we know - and what’s at the edges of awareness. Along with all the usual fun, mateship, baton-passing and decision-making of a Male Journey Moot!”

Building on the new forms of council in last year’s moot, we will continue to explore with a focus on the nuances of openings, closings and dedication and will engage with ritual that reaches us in ways that words do not. Our days will start by centering with communal meditation. We will then gather and drum and listen deeply to each other. We will connect by sharing and spending time in nature. We will release by looking at our shadow and letting go of that which no longer serves us and we explore ways to serve both within our organization and outside of it. We will discover what Male Journey offers for our journey of illumination and have a forum to suggest new offerings. Time is set aside to meet the trustees and leadership team and to offer support and challenge so that we may continue to grow as an organization.

The location for our work is the beautiful landscape of Beeley and with the wonderful food and hospitality from Dukes Barn. You should leave the weekend feeling nourished and refreshed with existing connections deepened and new connections made.

All initiated men are welcome to this annual gathering. The cost, inclusive of accommodation and all meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch is £129 per person.

Please click the Register button above to book your place. Bookings are limited to 45 men, plus the possibility of up to 6 men sleeping on floor mattresses if required.  When the maximum number is reached, a waiting list of men who would like to attend will be maintained.


  • Gravatar Peter Fishpool
  • Gravatar Dave Bingham
  • Gravatar Robert Davison
  • Gravatar Martin Honeywell
  • Gravatar Kevin McNally
  • Gravatar Nicholas Freeden
  • Gravatar Brian McMullen
  • Gravatar Martin Higgins
  • Gravatar Pete Andrews
  • Gravatar Benjamin Burns
  • Gravatar Robin Anker-Petersen
  • Gravatar mike nutt
  • Gravatar Stephen Lock
  • Gravatar Chris O'Donnell
  • Gravatar Maurice O'Shea
  • Gravatar Derek Wiggins
  • Gravatar Simon Bubb
  • Gravatar Malcolm Calvert
  • Gravatar Richard Spicer
  • Gravatar Enrique Lazcano
  • Gravatar Finlay Wood
  • Gravatar Paul Spain
  • Gravatar Jamie Burgoyne
  • Gravatar Mark Hird
  • Gravatar Colin Pattenden
  • Gravatar Jonny grant
  • Gravatar Adrian Scott
  • Gravatar Neil Bell
  • Gravatar graham champken
  • Gravatar Neil Webster
  • Gravatar Simon Ray
  • Gravatar reghiggins1@gmail.com
  • Gravatar Tim Pickles

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