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Moot 2015

From November 13, 2015 16:00 until November 15, 2015 14:00

The Annual Gathering for all Initiated Men.  

UPDATE: 20 October : As of 17 October, this event has been fully booked.
However, by arrangement with Dukes Barn, we can now accommodate a further six men using mattresses on the floor; I will clarify whether you need to bring sleeping bags. All other facilities will be as usual. The fee is unchanged. Please continue to book these places using the Register button above.
If these additional places are also fully booked, I will re-open the waiting list. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details to enquire about the current situation.

The 2015 Men's Moot is being held in November at Dukes Barn, Derbyshire - the same venue as last year. All initiated men are welcome to this annual gathering.

The theme for this year's moot is 'Men and Leadership' and part of our time will be spent exploring our own leadership roles in the male journey, what we step into, the roles we might undertake, and how we are supported

The programme will also nclude drumming, sharing time, solo time, ritual and ceremony, time in nature, communal meals, and other workshops on specific themes. We will use the ancient Way of Council to share and listen to each other about how we take forward the re-membering of male spirituality in ourselves and with others. There will be opportunities to step forward and offer service as an elder, stoker and/or director in the year(s) ahead. We will gather on Friday evening with a buffet meal available from 6.00pm onwards, and we will close after lunch on Sunday.

There is a call for any man who would like to be considered for the Moot Elder team to please make contact.

The cost, inclusive of accommodation and all meals from Friday to Sunday is £125 per person.

Booking is now open. Please click the Register button above to book your place at the Moot. Bookings are limited to 45 men. (If the Join button is not shown, simply Logout from this website and it will be visible.)  When the maximum number is reached, a waiting list of men who would like to attend will be maintained.


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