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A Day in Your Life : Your Life in A Day

From July 24, 2020 12:00 until July 25, 2020 12:00
Categories: Initiated Men, Open event

A Day in Your Life: Your Life in a Day

Friday July 24th and Saturday July 25th.

Noon to Noon.

We are living in strange times! 

Usually, each year, we invite men to join us for a five-day Journey of Initiation. This is a time of gathering, a time of witnessing and a time of connecting, a time to set aside other tasks and distractions and journey down into your inner life in a held space. 

This year is different. 
This year is special.
This year we are all being “initiated” by our individual and collective experience of these strange times.  

Along with most other events, our five-day Journey of Initiation has been postponed.
In its place we are offering men a 24hour, on-line opportunity to stop, to gather with other men, to connect and to witness what is happening to you and to your brothers in this time of Covid-19.

We offer time to witness our practical, emotional and spiritual response to the situation.  
In the midst of this convulsive crisis we ask: -
what is it doing to me, to my family and to my community? 
how is it initiating us all? 
what are we learning about ourselves and the local and the global communities in which we live? 

We will be creating a space in which we can be vulnerable, to ourselves and with other men. 

Some of you will have already done our Journey of Initiation. Some of you will already be in Male Journey Circles around the Country. Some of you will be involved in other men’s groups and similar activities. And some of you will not. 

You are all welcomed. 

The time together will include ritual, time in small Council Groups, teaching, meditation, individual reflection and journaling time, silence and vigil time in the “wilderness” during the darkness hours. 

If you register you will be: -

  • making a commitment to attend the whole event, as we say, keeping the edges hot
  • Setting aside your phone, tv and other forms of communication for the 24 hours
  • Preparing in advance, as much as you can, a special space, a place of quiet and of reflection, where you can be undisturbed (perhaps a candle, some images or tokens that are important for you.) 
  • Preparing to spend some or all of the darkness hours outdoors, perhaps under canvas
  • Using ZOOM
  • Paying £10

If you want more information call Jonny 07782302338 or either of two Martins on 07785995613 or 07938923753. 



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