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The Moot 2019

From November 15, 2019 18:00 until November 17, 2019 14:00

The Male Yearning to Belong

"May you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you, mind you and embrace you in belonging".
John O'Donohue. Beatitudes.

Your invitation is to explore along with other men how we might search for this "wild beauty", how we lost it and how we might yet find it and make it visible in our lives again.

The culture in which we live inforces insane levels of separation which in turn feeds much of the suffering and pain that is so often the result of our behaviour. It is surely time that us men commit to taking responsibility, grieving the loss of this "wild beauty" and embracing it once more into our lives.

During this Moot we will begin to seek how we might reimagine how we travel together. A journey of risk and renewal -  identity and values. Soulful travel within the mystery of both inner and outer sacred space. For a journey without challenge has little meaning and one without purpose will not take us to our place of belonging.
The Moot welcomes all men -  initiated and any man who already travels with us as a member of a local or deepening group.
Cost £135 which includes accommodation and all meals from Friday eveing to Sunday lunch 
We are all differently placed financially and we each have to find different levels of travel expenditure - car sharing saves the planet and those travel costs.

The actual cost price per head is £135, but if those that can - pay £150 (or more), that will help with the bursaries fund....and for anyone who cannot readily find £135 be aware that bursaries are available. 


Please click the Register button above to book your place. Bookings are limited to 45 men, plus the possibility of up to 6 men sleeping on floor mattresses if required.  When the maximum number is reached, a waiting list of men who would like to attend will be maintained.

Your place is held for 7 days after registration and is only confirmed when you have made payment to our bank account.


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