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I first met Tim as supervisor in the Interfaith movement. Before he started, I had to listen to him relate all the guards and restrictions around being a supervisor, what his duties would be if I failed, what his duties would be if I succeeded etc. He was officious, though at the same time allowed space for the Divine to intervene! (I would even now describe him as someone slow to trust, probably with good reason.)
It was some years later with the greater involvement of the Male Journey that we got to know each other and became friends. He always made small steps, moved in slow ways and revealed himself slowly. He enjoyed intimacy but took a long time to get there! To the Male Journey his experience as a company director with all the plausibilities and pitfalls that that entails was invaluable. For me I was simply amazed at his ability to find a way through all the official routes and simultaneously make way for presence to happen. I delighted in this ability to mark the official point, but then snake past the marker for something more human. I watched as this river of a man hit, then flowed past obstacles.
We shared our journeys that had taken us across boundaries that we both had thought existed. We both looked forward to freer times at all sorts of levels. His vision was clear and he truly enjoyed what he called 'good company' and made great efforts to find it. The current of this river will be felt for years to come in our movement.

At the 2017 rites I talked about the history of my possible terminal diagnosis. Now I discover that Tim was closer to death than I! He said to us all that he wanted a rest. Well! He was so ready to rest in the freedom he loved!


Tim Pickles - Memories

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  • I first met Tim as supervisor in the Interfaith movement. Before he started, I had to listen to him relate
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