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The Younger Men's Rites is a life changing experience for men 18 - 28. 
During the 5 days in nature we explore the transition from adolescence to manhood.  
It is a physical, emotional and spiritual challenge. 
It will be hard. It will test you.

But you will also experience a sense of purpose and see how you fit into a larger story.  You will receive tools for your journey as you walk a shared path – one that many have walked before.  This is an utterly grounding experience that will hold you, help you grow and open up new beginnings. 

The Rites is not a teaching retreat - it is a felt and lived experience. It’s more about feeling it in your gut, than understanding it with your head. This is the doorway to the rest of your life. Set in wild land in Northumberland, the Younger Men’s Rites involves living outdoors and participating in a range of practical group activities, solo-time, discussions, journaling and wilderness time.

The Younger Men's Rites is led by a team of experienced elders who have themselves been through the programme. Supporters and Fathers of the men attending are invited to assist the Rites in various ways.

2019 Rites

This year's Rites are happening on 4 - 8 July near Hexham in Northumberland.  Please use the button on this page to start your application process.  For more information get in touch via the contact form or apply via the link on this page


“the best thing that I've ever done for myself, and I know that this was in no small part down to
the leap of faith that I made in going for it with very limited foreknowledge”


“…the elders were so open and vulnerable, that I felt comfortable to do the same. 
It's crazy to think of how us guys are never able to truly express ourselves and 
the power in having other men to be real and honest with.”


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Men Cracked Open


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A collection of 42 inspiring poems by our initiated men
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