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News for Initiated Men

This page provides news and information of interest to Initiated Men.

3 March 2017: Booking is now open for the new Return to Source - Initiator Programme. There are places available for 8 men to deepen their soul journeys and help provide the support container for this year's initiates. The programme runs in parallel with the Rites of Passage on 26-30 July.

2 January 2017: Applications are now open for this year's Rites of Passage on 26-30 July.

10 December 2016: Chris O'Donnell is shadowing Peter Fishpool as the National Convenor. Andrew Clark is shadowing Tim Pickles as the Journey of Illumination stoker. The transition of roles will be taking place over the next few months.

13 September 2015: Eldership and Leadership - plans for our developmental pathway

15 August 2015: Booking now open for the Moot 2015

31 July 2015: Updated information about mentoring for initiated men, including newly published mentoring guidelines

28 November 2014: Site requirements for a Rites venue - a listing and explanation of the necessary requirments for any new venue to host future rites in England or elsewhere.

27 November 2014: Council notes, Moot 2014 - a record of the report from the directors and other matters raised at the Council meeting.

15 November 2014: The Male Journey Ltd annual accounts - for the year to 28 February 2014.

1 November 2014: Stokers and Directors - information about these roles within our network and an invitation to offer yourself in service.

The Male Journey Ltd

Male spirituality has an ancient lineage. Throughout history, communities around the world have devised ceremonies and rituals to honour the transition from boyhood to manhood. The purpose of most of these rituals was to help young men 'die' to their younger sense of self, and 'find' the mature, deeply rooted and integrous sense of their true manhood. In today's cultures we have lost almost all these rituals; instead we are increasingly addicted to consumption, acquisition, status, and material success as badges of our worth. We are in danger of losing sight of the deeper purposes of our lives, of our connections with the natural world and with mystery, and of our place in the universe.

The roots of our approach lie in the Judeo-Christian traditions, and draw upon the perennial wisdom teachings of many spiritual traditions from the ancient, eastern and western worlds. During the 1990s, this work of male initiation was reinvigorated by Richard Rohr at the Centre for Action and Contemplation in Alberqueque, New Mexico, and through Richard's extensive writing and publishing; this became the MALESs - Men as Leaders and Elders - programme. More recently, Illuman, a not-for-profit organisation has been established in the US to take forward this important work. Here in Britain, The Male Journey is the network of men that promotes this work, organises events, and coordinates other activities and resources. Male Journey Ireland is our brother network in Ireland.

We welcome enquiries from people interested in the work of The Male Journey, in our forthcoming events, and in developing consciousness around male spirituality. We are a registered company limited by guarantee (07968390) and a charity in England and Wales (1163767). Our legal address is Highpoint, Dorking Road, Warnham, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3RZ.

As a charitable organisation, we welcome donations from those who support our aims and ethos. Please click How to Donate.

The names below show who is currently serving The Male Journey in various roles. We refer to these men as 'stokers'. You may already have the contact details of a particular man. If not, please send us your message using our contact form.

Distributed leadership team 2017:
UK convenor : Chris O'Donnell
Website stoker : David Anson
Introductory events stoker: Stephen Ashton
MROP 2018 : Brian McMullen (convenor), with team including UK and Irish elders
YMROP 2019: Peter Fishpool
Journey of Illumination stoker : Jonny Grant
Mentors : 15 volunteer mentors; further information available here
International stoker : Robin Anker-Petersen
Way of Council stoker: Dave Bingham
Local men's groups: Stokers and convenors for the network of local groups available here
Local groups stokers (each supporting a geographic area) : Coordinator - TBC, Steve Locke, Michael Power, Ben Burns, Harry Kingham
Marketing team: Robert Davison, Simon Bubb, Simon Ray, Stephen Ashton
Fathers and Sons initiative : Pete Andrews and Graham Champken with support from other men
Greenbelt initiative : Harry Kingham, Andrew Clark and Lionel Cox
Company Directors and Charity Trustees:

Peter Fishpool, Maurice O'Shea (treasurer), Kevin McNally (chair), Martin Honeywell, Robert Davison, Chris O'Donnell, David Judge, Peter Bruckenwell.

Company Secretary: Maurice O'Shea
Board compliance advisor: Patrick Ryan
The Council: Adrian Scott, Paul Spain, Martin Honeywell (offering advice to the board)

Registered Address:
The Male Journey Ltd., Highpoint, Dorking Road, Warnham, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3RZ
Limited Company 07968390. Registered Charity 1163767.

Other Related Resources

The following organisations and books are all related to male spirituality and consciousness.

Organisations and networks

We are aware of the following organisations in the UK and US which assist men (including young men) with their spirituality. Please use the links below to find out more.  These links are only here for your information, they are not in any way an endorsement of the organisations or any events that they may offer. When you click on the link it will open a new window.

Useful books

The following books are widely available and all provide interesting contemporary reading around male consciousness and spirituality.  If you want to know more detail on a specific book then use the Amazon links further down the page - clicking the links will open the Amazon site in a new tab on your browser.

  • Adam's Return, by Richard Rohr
  • From Wild Man to Wise Man, by Richard Rohr
  • On the Threshold of Transformation, by Richard Rohr
  • Iron John: A Book about Men, by Robert Bly
  • King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette
  • Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche, by Bill Plotkin

Local Men's Groups & Circles

Local men's circles or groups are the heart of the network of Men's spirituality. They provide a place to meet together at a deep level with other men.

There are a variety of local circles and groups in UK.  A current listing of local groups can be found below. Click each group for further information about contacts, venues and practical arrangements. If there isn't one near you, perhaps you could consider setting up a group; we can help by identifying other men in your area. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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England - South





Sussex and Surrey


Newport / South Wales


Male Journey in Ireland

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